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Audio Guides – individual audio tours of Egypt's most visited historic ancient sites & locations

Leave the heavy guide books at home. We'll tell you just as much, and more! Go sightseeing at your own pace and in your own time. Stop for lunch or some refreshment then turn it back on & continue. iMuseumguides individual audio tours are based upon a straightforward idea: People on vacation, visiting art or history locations typically have time constraints and ideally like to visit such locations for between 90 minutes and two hours at a time. Their objectives are to see and visit the 20 to 30 most important works or exhibits while having the necessary time and space to enjoy the experience.

Like audio guides available in museums, the audio tours are recorded in individual segments or ‘tracks’ that are easy to locate on your own personal electronic player or device. Unlike traditional audios available in museums and similar locations there is NO waiting in line with any iMuseumguides audio tour; NO exchange and depositing of personal ID and later collection; NO need to locate the individual art works or exhibits nor their individual catalogue numbers in order to listen to the correct ‘track’; and finally, NO need to return the audio guide afterwards! Each individual audio tour also comes with a route plan ready to download and print.

 Who we are

Though we’re new we are already on our way to becoming the world’s leading provider of affordable audio tour experiences among the most visited ancient historic sites & locations around Egypt.

iMuseumguides began as part of an experimental historic landmark site podcasting group. The creativity and innovation that inspired us to explore new forms of communicating historic information among visitors and thus expanding the tourist’ experience still inspires us now.

It drives us to excite, engage and inspire visitors to tour historic sites, art & history museums and galleries all over the world and to experience the richness of their offerings at a single affordable price. In addition, it’s been fundamental in helping us retain our existing clients & to attract new ones; to enter new markets and grow from a handful of enthusiasts to a mutual organisation with an international team of over 40 contributors.

Today, we are fortunate that we’re every bit as challenged and excited by the new projects, museums and historic sites we are currently working on as we ever have been.

Finally, we consider ourselves privileged to able to work in genuine partnership with many of the world’s most popular and iconic destinations from the Giza Pyramids to the Acropolis and from the Nobel Museum to the Rijksmuseum.

iMuseumguides individual audio tours (see the complete “iTour” range) are digital audio walking guides to the most visited historic and popular art & history museums, galleries and sites. Instead of following a person or a guide book, you can download our audio tours to your own personal electronic device and GO!

What we do

iMuseumguides design & create "iTours" - individual audio tours and experiences for the world’s tourists at a single affordable price. Audio tours are creatively & culturally driven and seek to combine authoritative & balanced scholarship with the ability to engage and capture your imagination while maintaining the integrity of the visitor experience.

Our in-house team of producers, writers, music and sound engineers, linguists and operations staff have the experience and expertise to manage even the most demanding project seamlessly from start to finish. With offices in Madrid and London and individual contributing team members in 19 locations around the world we aim ultimately to offer affordable audio tours in over 15 languages with new locations and tours added monthly.







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