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Phone Contact with iMuseumguides

On occasion we get requests from customers for phone support; to either answer questions or help with technical issues via the telephone. As you may have noticed that our phone number isn't listed publicly on our site. This is NOT because we don't care enough to help customers by phone, or because we are some nameless, faceless company hiding behind an impersonal internet site.

iMuseumguides is a small company dedicated to some straightforward core objectives:

These are our online priorities. Over time we have experimented with providing phone support and have discovered several problems:

It takes about 10 times as long to help a customer over the phone as it does via email and because of this longer time requirement, we were unable to help other customers by email as quickly, as we and they would have liked. To continue to provide real-time phone support, we would have to hire several more people, which will in the end require us to nearly double the prices on our audio tours. In addition, sometimes in debugging a problem we need users to email us screen shots or debug files - information that cannot be conveyed over the phone. While offering phone support would likely make a small percentage of our users happier, it would in the end hurt our ability to either answer everyone else quickly, or would require us to significantly raise the price of our audios, which goes against our second core objective that audio tours should be kept very affordable.

So, in the end we've made the decision to not offer phone support at all.  Instead, and we think you'll agree once you've tried us, we've decided to offer as rapid an email support as we can.  Every email is answered within 3 hours – more likely it is answered within minutes or within an hour and will typically be answered by either me or Zdenek Horvath, both of us founders of iMuseumguides so you can trust that our most important goal is to assist you in getting the most out of our audio tours here and in making sure you are a happy customer.

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